large-walleyeFishing Red Lake and the Gullrock Chain of Lakes

The Gullrock chain of lakes is well known for its abundance of Walleye and Northern. Other species may also be caught as well: Perch, Whitefish, Sauger, and the occasional Lake Trout. One of our priorities has been to maintain and conserve our excellent fishing resource. In 1994, the camps on Gullrock Lake implemented a fish policy. This policy calls for the release of any Walleye over 18 inches and any Northern over 27 1/2 inches. These are the breeding stock and must be protected.

The results are evident in the quality and quantity of fish being caught.

Our Fishing Equipment

You will enjoy fishing in our sturdy, well-maintained aluminum boats fitted with reliable user-friendly motors. We operate 16-foot boats with 20 Horsepower Yamaha outboard motors. All of our boats come with padded swivel seats, paddles, anchor, net, and bait buckets. We also offer upgrade boat packages, please contact us for information.

Attention Anglers: To preserve the quality of fishing on the Gullrock chain of lakes, the policy of the Gullrock Camp Owners Association is that any Walleye over 18 inches or any Northern over 27½ inches must be released.